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Casa Mendoza: Where Design Meets Functionality

Contemporary two-story house with wooden slats over glass and pool.

In the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Casa Mendoza stands as a testament to modern architecture’s ability to merge form with function. Designed by La Base Studio, this three-level home captivates with its contemporary blend of industrial and mid-century modern influences.

From its strategic use of wood and Portuguese tiles to its innovative approach to privacy and space utilization, Casa Mendoza redefines living in a bustling metropolis. Discover how this architect-owned residence, originally a 1970s build, transforms urban living with its unique design and thoughtful integration with the surrounding landscape.

Salsa Apartment: Where Midcentury Style Meets Bohemian Vibes

Elegant living room with modern furniture and green accents.

Salsa Apartment, a Jooca Studio creation in Bucharest, Romania, artfully combines the whimsy of boho style with the refined elegance of American transitional design. This residence delights with its symmetrical layout, captivating botanical motifs, and sun-soaked Spanish influences.

Unique features like reclaimed Transylvanian brick and azulejo-style tiles infuse character, while natural materials and lush plants create a tranquil ambiance. Tailored for an owner passionate about salsa dancing, this eclectic, midcentury space is a testament to personalized living elevated to an art form.

The Dion Residence: A Tranquil Californian Retreat

FeaturedBright living room with white sofa, fireplace, and modern decor.

Explore the Dion Residence in Manhattan Beach, California, a 2023 creation by Ballentine Architects. This two-story house masterfully combines transitional and vintage styles, offering a perfect blend of elegance and family comfort.

Key features include a custom steel Dutch door, vaulted wood ceilings, and an open kitchen-living area that fluidly extends outdoors. The innovative use of natural light throughout the home enhances its connection with the Californian landscape.

The Dion Residence stands as a testament to sophisticated design that cherishes the essence of a family home.

River’s House 1 by Cushing Terrell

River’s House 1 by Cushing Terrell

Experience the harmonious blend of the rugged Montana wilderness with elegant architecture at River’s House 1, a stunning lake house designed by Cushing Terrell.

Nestled on the scenic shores of Flathead Lake in Missoula, this property embraces the local landscape and is the epitome of lakefront living. The design style, transitional in nature, melds simplicity with refinement, employing clean lines and complimentary materials. Large windows serve as silent narrators, telling stories of the lake and surrounding mountains. All this, while facilitating seamless outdoor living and breathtaking views, makes River’s House 1 a shining jewel in the picturesque community of Bigfork.