World One Home by Essajees Atelier

Recently completed by Essajees Atelier, World One Home is a transitional residence located in Mumbai, India.

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About World One Home

An Envisioned Warm Abode

Upon viewing the building’s shell, our vision crystallized. Although Armani Casa designed the shell, we sought a cozier aura for the apartment. We aimed to honor the existing materials, marbles, and wall shades, while interweaving our unique touches. Specifically, the apartment’s curved living space captured our admiration. Consequently, we maintained a transparent ceiling design and opted for Arjun Rathi’s standing floor light. Each room blossomed from distinct inspiration.

Design Highlights and Inspirations

For the compact guest room, we integrated a wall-mounted fold-out bed, enabling a swift transition to a study, and embraced a neutral palette. Pastels animated the daughter’s bedroom, while the master bedroom radiated with hues of ivory and brass.

Originally from Ghana, the homeowners’ tastes are reflected throughout. Two features particularly stand out: Arjun Rathi’s custom lights and the hall’s elegant wood paneling.

A Walkthrough of Craftsmanship

Entering the home, a teakwood console (crafted onsite) welcomes you, adorned with hanging lights from White Teak. Venturing into the living room reveals an Essajees tan sofa, Blue Loft’s green swivel armchairs, and a center table from Defurn—all resting on a Jaipur rugs carpet. In one corner, Arjun Rathi’s Shikara standing light accents the room, paired with a striking Chinese cabinet from Essajees. The dining area boasts a brass-based table and chairs from Essajees, while an onsite-crafted dining console with malachite handles from Viya Home completes the scene.

The first bedroom cleverly hides a pull-out bed within the wall. The daughter’s sanctuary showcases a Vistoso bed, Cocoon rug, and a mint green velvet headboard from Bharat Furnishings. Notably, Arjun Rathi’s light elevates the ambiance. In contrast, the master bedroom features fabric panelling from Atmosphere, wall scones, a chandelier from Arjun Rathi, and custom bedding.

Materials and Aesthetics

Undoubtedly, the living room—with its intriguing curved space and wraparound balcony—becomes a focal point. The wood paneling warmly embraces the room.

Leveraging the finest materials was paramount. Our client’s extensive wood industry experience heightened our attention to material quality. Respectfully, we melded our vision with the Armani Casa foundation.

Finally, the décor masterfully blends contemporary style with warmth, achieving a lively dance of colors and textures.

Photography courtesy of Essajees Atelier

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- by Matt Watts