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Timeless: Exploring Edita Righetto’s Elegant Apartment in Vilnius

FeaturedA modern, open-concept living space with clean lines, natural lighting, and minimalist decor.

Located in the historic city center of Vilnius, Lithuania, this stunning apartment project by designer Edita Righetto embodies a timeless elegance. Crafted within an 18th-century building, the interior seamlessly blends contemporary design with the property’s historic features. The layout prioritizes an airy, light-filled atmosphere, allowing the breathtaking cityscape views to take center stage. Carefully selected materials, including natural stone, smoked wood, and brass accents, contribute to the tranquil and refined ambiance throughout the space.

House in Pavilnys: Transforming Suburban Living with Nature-Inspired Interiors

Minimalist living room with a modular white sofa, concrete floor, and wooden accents.

Coreco Architects‘ stunning House in Pavilnys, located in Vilnius, Lithuania, is a masterful blend of contemporary design and connection to nature. Envisioned as a bright, warm, and easy-to-maintain home, this 2024 project embraces the owners’ love for outdoor activities and natural materials. With strategically placed glass doors, a concealed wardrobe, and a careful selection of flooring, this house strikes a harmonious balance between private and shared spaces.

Modern Classic Penthouse: Timeless Elegance in Vilnius

Spacious open-concept kitchen and living area with modern furnishings, wood floors, and arched windows.

Discover the Modern Classic Penthouse, a 120-square-meter (1292 sq ft) apartment located in the attic of a historic building in Vilnius, Lithuania. Designed in 2023 by Dovile Svilpiene, this apartment embodies a modern-classic style, blending natural materials like oak and marble with sophisticated Murano glass lighting to create an ambiance of subtle elegance. The clever use of arched windows and vaulted ceilings enriches the spacious interior, making every corner of this luxury residence a testament to timeless design.

House Full House: A Modern Family’s Dream Home

FeaturedModern two-story house with large windows and a flat roof.

House Full House, a 2023 creation by Devyni Architektai, epitomizes modern living in Lithuania. With a focus on clean lines and functional design, this house integrates concrete, glass, and wood for a stunning facade. Its interior features an impressive staircase, large windows, and an open-concept layout, connecting the indoor comfort with outdoor splendors like a tennis court and river views. This property, offering luxurious amenities including a spa and cinema room, redefines contemporary elegance.

Flat 03: Manikas & Manikė’s Compact Elegance

Flat 03: Manikas & Manikė’s Compact Elegance

Flat 03 by Manikas & Manikė Studio in Vilnius is a marvel of contemporary design. Conceived in 2018, this apartment artfully blends functionality with aesthetics. It features a unique green wall set against a backdrop of soft greys and dark wood, creating a harmonious and visually expansive interior. This small but ingeniously designed space exemplifies modern, efficient living.

Apartments Near The River 2: Experience Cozy Luxury

Apartments Near The River 2: Experience Cozy Luxury

Welcome to Apartments Near The River 2, a luxurious oasis designed by Miglė Gruodytė in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania.

Nestled near the city center, these lavish apartments are perfect for young families seeking a peaceful and cozy retreat. Step inside to discover cream-colored interiors, elegant design elements, and a harmonious blend of materials and colors that create an inviting atmosphere. Redesigned in 2021, this stunning property is a true gem in the charming city of Vilnius.

Apartment for a Young Family: A Cozy Modern Retreat

Apartment for a Young Family: A Cozy Modern Retreat

Step into the harmonious world of the Apartment for a Young Family, a modern gem designed by Miglė Gruodytė in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania.

Known for its stunning Baroque architecture, Vilnius is the perfect backdrop for this cozy abode that seamlessly blends minimalist design with natural elements. Be captivated by the warm combination of white and wood, as well as the intricate French herringbone flooring and unique, locally-sourced clay plaster.