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Mattel Office: Blending Toy-Inspired Design with Functionality

Modern office lounge with minimalist decor, vibrant blue furniture, and lush greenery.

Explore the Mattel office in Warsaw, Poland, designed by BIT Creative, situated on the 34th floor of the iconic Skyliner. This 650 sqm space is not just an office but a journey into the world of beloved toys like Barbie and Hot Wheels. BIT Creative masterfully blends vibrant colors and subtle design elements, ensuring a workspace that reflects the spirit of Mattel while fostering productivity and creativity among its employees. Discover an office where every detail, from meeting rooms to social spaces, tells a story, epitomizing innovative office design.

Apartment Powisle: Redefining Modern Living in Warsaw

FeaturedModern living room with a gray sofa, orange chair, and large windows.

Discover Apartment Powisle, a modern masterpiece designed by Indoor in 2022, nestled in Warsaw, Poland. This apartment embodies contemporary elegance, from its artful living spaces to the sophisticated kitchen and tranquil bedroom. Designed with luxury and comfort in mind, every corner tells a story of upscale urban living, making it a pinnacle of modern real estate.

Collector’s Apartment: A Peek Inside Warsaw’s Most Elegant Residence

Modern living room with colorful furniture and a large bookshelf.

Discover the Collector’s Apartment in Warsaw, Poland, designed by Indoor in 2017. This apartment embodies a seamless blend of historical charm and contemporary elegance. Showcasing a collector’s dream, the design features artful lighting, expansive windows, and a mix of rustic and modern details. Perfect for those passionate about design, it offers a luxurious balance between comfort and style.

Służew Apartment: Where Monochromatic Design Meets Function

Służew Apartment: Where Monochromatic Design Meets Function

Discover the Służew Apartment in Warsaw, Poland — a masterclass in contemporary design by Mili Młodzi Ludzie. Occupying 74 m² (796.5 sq ft) on Śródziemnomorska Street, this apartment captivates with its monochromatic palette, innovative space utility, and Italian-imported terrazzo accents.

From the intimate ambiance in the bathroom to the modern entertainment solutions in the living area, every corner harmoniously balances aesthetics and functionality.

Post-modernism in Warsaw’s Praga: A Fusion of History and Modern Design

Post-modernism in Warsaw’s Praga: A Fusion of History and Modern Design

Drenched in bold designs and strong textures, Paulina’s apartment, nestled in Warsaw’s historic Praga district, offers a post-modernist odyssey.

Curated by the renowned Mistovia studio, this vibrant space, redesigned in 2023, artfully blends vintage elements with contemporary Polish design, all set within an architectural gem that stands as a testament to socialist realism.

Pasaż Ursynowski Apartment: A Symphony of Styles

FeaturedPasaż Ursynowski Apartment: A Symphony of Styles

The Pasaż Ursynowski Apartment in Warsaw, Poland, showcases the impeccable design skills of Mili Młodzi Ludzie. Within a green oasis, this family-oriented apartment reveals a harmonious blend of minimalism, brutalism, steampunk, and vibrant cultural elements, all set against the historical backdrop of an estate crafted by architect Marek Budzyński in the mid-’90s.

Mokotów Apartment: A Culinary Enthusiast’s Dream in Warsaw

Mokotów Apartment: A Culinary Enthusiast’s Dream in Warsaw

Immerse yourself in the heart of Warsaw, Poland, with the stunning Mokotów Apartment. This luxurious property, designed by the innovative Mili Młodzi Ludzie, offers a unique blend of functionality and style, tailored to the needs of a young culinary enthusiast. The apartment’s centerpiece is a spacious, well-equipped kitchen, boasting a specially designed hood for effective ventilation, ample storage for cookbooks and accessories, and an expansive cooking area achieved by merging the table and island.

The living room, a sanctuary of relaxation, shuns the conventional television for a projector, reducing daily screen exposure. Special hydroponic lamps facilitate indoor plant cultivation, infusing the room with a tranquil, verdant ambiance. The interior design, characterized by rounded and biomorphic shapes, softens the austerity of the space. A subdued, earthy color palette and the use of ribbed tiles for texture, add depth and intrigue to this remarkable apartment in the Mokotów district.

House in Warsaw – Włochy: A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style

House in Warsaw – Włochy: A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style

Welcome to the House in Warsaw – Włochy, a fantastic and memorable contemporary design project by 4ma Projekt. Nestled in the charming district of Włochy, Warsaw, Poland, this property offers a unique blend of comfort and modern elegance.

With an area of 311 m2 (3,347 sq ft), the house is spacious and brilliantly designed to meet the needs of a modern family. It features a warm living room with a kitchenette, a hallway, an office, a bedroom, a walk-in closet, a children’s room, a bathroom, and a toilet. Each space is thoughtfully designed and built in accordance with the latest standards, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious living experience.