Apartment Powisle: Redefining Modern Living in Warsaw

Discover Apartment Powisle, a modern masterpiece designed by Indoor in 2022, nestled in Warsaw, Poland. This apartment embodies contemporary elegance, from its artful living spaces to the sophisticated kitchen and tranquil bedroom. Designed with luxury and comfort in mind, every corner tells a story of upscale urban living, making it a pinnacle of modern real estate.

Modern living room with a gray sofa, orange chair, and large windows.
Contemporary living room with textured black wall and large circular mirror.
Contemporary living space with sculptural partition and circular mirror.
Modern kitchen with a circular light fixture, bar seating, and dark cabinetry.
Contemporary home office with pink chair and built-in shelves.
Modern bedroom with wooden panels and grey bedding.
Chic bathroom with marble walls, oval mirror, and globe lights.
Contemporary bathroom with terrazzo flooring and mirrored walls.

About Apartment Powisle

Elegance in Powisle: A Contemporary Apartment Tour

Nestled in the bustling heart of Warsaw, Poland, Apartment Powisle emerges as a testament to modern design. Crafted by Indoor in 2022, this apartment is a paradigm of contemporary living spaces. As we step inside, we are greeted by a living room where luxury meets comfort. The large, plush sofa sits against an artfully textured black wall; a bold circle mirror reflects the understated elegance that defines the space. Transitioning effortlessly, the vibrant orange chair injects a dynamic burst of color, offering a spirited counterpoint to the room’s neutral tones.

Heart of the Home: A Kitchen to Covet

Moving through to the kitchen, sleek design reigns supreme. The space boasts clean lines and a monochrome palette, punctuated by a statement lighting piece that gracefully hovers above the island’s marble countertop. Here, functionality and style coexist harmoniously, inviting both culinary exploration and social interaction.

Finessed Work and Rest Spaces

The adjacent study corner is a triumph of space utilization, effortlessly balancing a compact work area with an air of spaciousness. Natural light streams through sheer curtains, casting a serene glow on the minimalist furnishings. Meanwhile, the bedroom serves as a sanctuary, where wood accents and soft textiles come together to forge an ambience of tranquillity. The precision in lighting choices stands testament to Indoor’s thoughtful consideration of mood and functionality.

Finally, the bathrooms exude sophistication, with their terrazzo surfaces and sleek fixtures. Spatial geometry is played out in reflections, creating a sense of expanded volume within an intimate setting. Every detail in Apartment Powisle, from material selection to layout finesse, underscores a narrative of upscale urban living that beckons to be admired.

Photography by Piotr Mastalerz
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- by Matt Watts