RA Apartment by Pascali Semerdjian Architects

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, RA Apartment is a moder home designed in 2018 by Pascali Semerdjian Architects.

Modern kitchen with white dining set, wood accents, and a purple backsplash.
Modern kitchen with wooden accents and a dining area.
Contemporary bedroom with wooden partitions and built-in bookshelf.
Contemporary room with wooden bookshelf, white curtains, and a single chair.
Minimalist living room with large windows and city view.
Modern minimalist bedroom with blue bed, wooden cabinet, and white walls.
Modern bedroom with white bedding and wooden wardrobe-divider leading to kitchen.
Modern bathroom with marble walls and white cabinetry.

About RA Apartment

Innovative Design for Urban Living

A young couple’s 70 sqm (753 sqft) apartment unfolds as a marvel of design, featuring a singular “Pau Ferro” wood volume. This clever construct encapsulates almost all the apartment’s functional spaces, effectively zoning areas and guiding movement. Remarkably, the bedroom’s visibility toggles with a curtain, effortlessly delineating private and social realms based on need and occasion.

Beyond Wood: A Glimpse into Shared Spaces

Stepping beyond the wooden enclave reveals the kitchen, dining room, and living area, all unified by a striking yellow epoxy-painted floor. The kitchen, sporting stainless steel surfaces in a rich wine hue, contrasts beautifully against decorative tiles lining the wall behind the countertop.

Maximizing Space with Custom Furnishings

Confronted with the challenge of a compact space, the design maximizes every inch. It introduces custom-made furniture including a sofa, dining table, bed, nightstand, headboard, and even a dog house, all integrated into the woodwork with precision.

The sofa, embracing a pillar, features movable backs for versatile comfort, catering to both relaxation and social dining engagements.

A Harmonious Palette

The project’s color and material palette was selected with meticulous care to avoid clashes while injecting personality into the space. The aim was clear: to eschew monochromatic monotony in favor of vibrant living.

This approach not only maximizes the apartment’s functionality but also elevates its aesthetic, ensuring a unique and inviting home that resonates with the couple’s dynamic lifestyle.

Photography by Ricardo Bassetti

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- by Matt Watts