House in Cottesloe by Nexus Homes Group

House in Cottesloe is a modern single family house located in Perth, Australia, redesigned and extended by Nexus Homes Group.

Contemporary living room with hardwood floors and minimalist decor.
Contemporary living space with open kitchen and sleek furnishings.
Modern stairwell with black staircase, white walls, and a large spherical pendant light
Minimalist interior with world map decor, a foosball table, and sleek
Bright bedroom with red surfboard and plaid bedding.
A sleek bathroom with black fixtures, glass shower, and hexagonal tiles.
A hybrid home with traditional lower level and modern upper extension.
Contemporary home extension with contrasting traditional and sleek design elements.

About House in Cottesloe

Transforming Tradition: A Modern Marvel in Perth

In Perth, Western Australia, a family outgrowing their quaint cottage sought a dramatic transformation. They enlisted Nexus for a bold renovation, aiming to expand their space and infuse modernity, ensuring their revamped home would captivate passersby.

A Collaborative Design Process

Nexus’s seasoned designers engaged closely with the family, conceiving a second-storey addition that blended function with the desired aesthetic. Satisfied with the design, Nexus skillfully prefabricated the addition off-site. They then seamlessly integrated it onto the existing home, showcasing their precision and expertise.

A Striking Exterior Meets Functional Interior

The addition’s exterior, with its stealth black cladding, sharply contrasts the original cottage’s lighter hues, drawing widespread admiration. Inside, the new level offers a spacious playroom for kids, three cozy bedrooms, and a generously sized bathroom and washroom. This clever layout grants parents much-needed privacy and space downstairs.

Rapid Construction, Lasting Impressions

The project’s swift completion, spanning just a few weeks, exceeded the client’s expectations. The family regularly shares stories of intrigued visitors, mesmerized by the contemporary masterpiece Nexus brought to life.

Through meticulous planning and innovative design, Nexus transformed an old cottage into a modern gem, proving that with the right vision and expertise, any home can become a neighborhood showstopper.

Photography courtesy of Nexus Homes Group

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- by Matt Watts