Lake House at Pine Cove by Design South Builders

Designed by Design South Builders, Lake House at Pine Cove is a traditional home located in Pine Cove, North Carolina.

Modern house with metal roof surrounded by autumn trees.
Cozy living room with a stone fireplace and wooden ceiling.
Cozy living room with a stone fireplace, wooden beams, and comfortable seating.
Cozy lakeside porch with stone fireplace and autumn view.
Rustic kitchen with modern appliances and a dining area.
Rustic kitchen with wooden beams, farmhouse table, and breakfast bar.
Cozy bedroom with rustic wood headboard and vaulted ceiling.
Rustic bathroom with wooden walls, round mirror, and vintage sink.

About Lake House at Pine Cove

Nestled in the tranquil woodlands of Pine Cove, North Carolina, the Lake House at Pine Cove emerges as a testament to rustic elegance. Designed by the acclaimed Design South Builders, this lake house combines the charm of traditional craftsmanship with modern sensibilities.

Embracing Nature’s Palette

The exterior, a harmony of stone and wood, stands as a natural extension of its surroundings. Completed in the recent past, the home’s façade reflects the pine-scented air and crystalline waters it overlooks. Serene greenery frames the property, leading to a private dock that beckons with the promise of lakeside leisure.

A Rustic Welcome

Stepping inside, the foyer sets a warm, inviting tone with its rich wooden textures. This opening note seamlessly transitions into the heart of the home – the kitchen. Here, vintage charm meets modern efficiency, with reclaimed wooden beams that whisper stories of the past above state-of-the-art appliances.

Adjacent lies the dining space, where natural light spills in through generous windows, offering diners a view of the lake as they enjoy their meals. The open-plan living room echoes the kitchen’s rustic vibe, with a stone fireplace creating a focal point that radiates warmth throughout the room.

Intimate Corners and Lakeside Dreams

The bathroom presents a serene retreat, its wooden accents and round mirror reflecting a design that’s both earthy and elegant. The bedroom continues the narrative of intimacy and comfort, with a statement headboard that anchors the space in its rustic roots.

The journey concludes in the screened porch, where one can indulge in the soft symphony of the outdoors by the fireside, enveloped in the comfort of woven furnishings. It’s a fitting finale to a home that celebrates the lake house lifestyle with every thoughtful detail.

Through this visual and descriptive tour of the Lake House at Pine Cove, Design South Builders showcases a space where every element is curated to complement its lakeside setting, with a timeless design that promises to enchant for years to come.

Photography courtesy of Design South Builders

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- by Matt Watts