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South Yarra Void House: Melbourne’s Modern Heritage Revival

Modern backyard with a white brick house, patio furniture, and a pergola.

The South Yarra Void House, a Victorian gem in Melbourne, Australia, undergoes a stunning transformation by Andrew Child Architect. Merging historical elegance with modern design, this project revitalizes a 1970s extension. Its centerpiece, a double-height dining area, introduces light and drama, complemented by a unique workspace with panoramic views. This reinvention showcases a seamless blend of past and present in home design.

McPhail House: Blending Heritage with Modern Design

FeaturedModern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a garden.

McPhail House, a stunning extension in Essendon, Melbourne by Design by AD, beautifully integrates a classic cottage’s heritage with contemporary elements. Maintaining the neighborhood’s charm, this modern addition enhances the property with light-filled, open spaces. The design skillfully balances old and new using consistent materials and tones.

Enhanced by KPLA’s landscape design and constructed by Align Concepts, McPhail House stands as a symbol of timeless, sophisticated design.

The Pink House: Merging Heritage with Modern Flair

Elegant living room with colorful sofa, art pieces, and modern decor.

Step into The Pink House, where Brooke Aitken Design has masterfully transformed a heritage cottage in Neutral Bay, Australia, into an award-winning marvel.

The home’s heart, a dining room thoughtfully set below the kitchen, links the lush garden and the main house through stunning steel doors opening onto an inviting deck. Here, every detail, from the cozy banquette seating to the eclectic use of pink, reflects the client’s love for Kit Kemp and Christopher Farr textiles, creating a space that’s not just a house, but a story of style and living.

Putney Pantry House: Victorian Elegance Meets Modern Design

Modern kitchen with pink cabinets, large island, and glass wall overlooking a courtyard.

Explore the transformation of Putney Pantry House, a Victorian terrace in London, masterfully redesigned in 2023 by Rider Stirland Architects. Once a dim and outdated property, it now stands as a beacon of flexible family living, blending traditional Victorian charm with modern flair.

The heart of this home is its open-plan kitchen and dining area, seamlessly connected to a lush courtyard garden. This architectural marvel not only respects the original structure’s integrity but also introduces contemporary elements like a glass roof and bespoke joinery, making it a perfect blend of old and new.

Boîte à Lumière by Naturehumaine [architecture+design]

Modern terrace with wooden decking and black facade, featuring large glass doors.

Step into Boîte à Lumière, a harmonious blend of history and modernity in Montreal’s vibrant Rosemont-Petite-Patrie district. Naturehumaine [architecture+design] meticulously transformed a 1940s “shoebox” house, fusing the original structure with a luminous, modern extension. This renovated home now offers an oasis of calm with a central courtyard, sky-lit interiors, and a harmonious balance of private and communal spaces, all while embracing the surrounding urban pulse.

Domaine Claude Bentz: A Modern Winery Redefined

Domaine Claude Bentz: A Modern Winery Redefined

Domaine Claude Bentz, crafted by Studio Jil Bentz in Luxembourg’s Mosel region, is an architectural marvel that extends a winery into a contemporary two-story structure. Merging concrete and wood, it houses a wine shop, tasting rooms, an event space, along with a private apartment and offices on the first floor.

This project masterfully integrates diverse functions into a constrained space, emphasizing environmental consciousness and regional connection in its design.