South Yarra Void House: Melbourne’s Modern Heritage Revival

The South Yarra Void House, a Victorian gem in Melbourne, Australia, undergoes a stunning transformation by Andrew Child Architect. Merging historical elegance with modern design, this project revitalizes a 1970s extension. Its centerpiece, a double-height dining area, introduces light and drama, complemented by a unique workspace with panoramic views. This reinvention showcases a seamless blend of past and present in home design.

Modern backyard with a white brick house, patio furniture, and a pergola.
Modern dining room with large window, unique pendant light, and wooden table.
Modern dining room with high ceilings, large windows, and a unique circular chandelier
Modern kitchen with large windows, high ceiling, and a dining area.
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and a large window.
Modern living room with dining area, skylight, and garden view.
Modern home office with wooden desk, chair, and slatted window details.
Elegant living room with a high ceiling, fireplace, modern art, and a
Modern bathroom with dual sinks, large mirror, and black and white decor.
Modern bathroom with white freestanding tub, black hexagonal tiles, and gold
Modern bathroom with black and white mosaic tiles, glass shower, and minimalist fixtures.
Modern outdoor patio with pergola, dining area, white walls, and lush green

About South Yarra Void House

Revitalizing a Victorian Classic

Andrew Child Architect embarked on a journey to transform a heritage-protected, single-story Victorian home in Melbourne. This elegant property, weighed down by a dull 1970s double-story extension, needed a breath of fresh life. As the homeowners approached their empty-nester years, their desire for a modernized space grew. They envisioned a home not only for themselves but also accommodating their adult children temporarily. Additionally, they sought a dedicated workspace that transcended the limitations of a typical home office.

Innovative Design Solutions

The architect’s solution? Strategic modifications and a small side extension. Firstly, the team removed an upper-level bedroom to craft a stunning double-height dining area. This bold move injected drama into the home, contrasting with the modest ceiling heights of the old extension. Moreover, it opened the living spaces to the sky and lush greenery of the backyard. Simultaneously, it revealed an enchanting workspace perched above the kitchen. This area boasts expansive, diagonal views across the garden and into the neighboring treetops.

Seamless Integration of New and Old

To further invigorate the space, the team integrated new windows and metal elements into the existing structure. These additions infused vitality into the once-stagnant extension. True to their vision, they preserved as much of the original character as possible while weaving in contemporary landscaping. This approach ensured a harmonious blend of historical charm and modern elegance, redefining the essence of the property.

Photography by Tatjana Plitt

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- by Matt Watts