Bangkok TYRP by Somdoon Architects

Creative residential project designed in 2014 by Somdoon Architects, located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Description by Somdoon Architects

Bangkok TRYP is a mixed residential project, and located in the city center with slight green space. Thus the design aims to create green environment for its residents and neighbors, by integrating a ‘vertical gardens’ into the building while expressing building programs; lobby, spa and parking area are on 1st floor, service apartment units on 2nd-4th floor, common facility on 5th floor and owner’s private residences on 6th and 7th floor.

The staircases, lift and corridor are located on north of the building facing with a high-rise building neighbor. The singled loaded corridors on the apartment floors are semi-outdoor space with 3-storey open well, allowing natural light to reach 1st floor lobby. Most of service apartment are open to better view on West and South. The medium-height trees and shrubs are planted along the building façade and mixed with aluminum screens covering the air-condensing units. They are not only act as sun shading device, but also bring landscape closer to the residents.

All common facilities are on the 5th floor partitioning the owner’s floors above from the rental units below. The swimming pool is extended to the edge of the building for a pleasant view, while the gym is located at the front to have both swimming pool and garden views.

The 2 top floors present in a distinguished gabled-roof form, like a house sitting on top of the building. The main living room space follows the roof shape to achieve maximum height allowed. As the house mostly facing south, the openable aluminum screens are proposed to cover it entirely. The screen, which is in is in warm wood-brown color, does not only filter the sunlight and heat for the house, but also give the owners privacy with a pleasant view at the same time.

Photography by Nuttapong Pongpibool, Ketsiree Wongwan

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- by Matt Watts