Home in Venice by Massimo Adario Architetto

Redesigned in 2016 by Massimo Adario Architetto, Home in Venice is an inspiring apartment situated in Venice, Italy.

Elegant interior with tan sofas, patterned tile floor, wooden ceiling, and
Contemporary room with large windows, plush seating, and an artistic sculpture.
Elegant interior with ornate console and minimalist wall art.
Modern room with black chairs, geometric floor, and view of a building exterior.
Elegant room with patterned floor, art decor, and exposed beams.
Elegant bedroom with artistic mural wall and abstract painting over a velvet headboard.
Bedroom with ornate headboard and intricate wall mural.
Elegant courtyard with stone staircase and overgrown greenery.

About Home in Venice

Nestled within the serene canals and vibrant history of Venice, Italy, “Home in Venice” stands as a testament to Massimo Adario Architetto’s visionary integration of modern design within the classical context. Designed in 2016, this apartment beckons with its distinctive charm and contemporary elegance.

Embracing Venetian Grace

Approaching Home in Venice, the exterior greets with an alluring interplay of heritage and greenery. Time-honored brickwork and traditional shutters whisper tales of Venetian grandeur, while verdant climbers assert the building’s lively character. This juxtaposition invites one to discover the layers of history and modernity within.

Transitioning to Modernity

The transition from outdoors to indoors is fluid, marked by an entrance that exudes understated sophistication. The space within unveils an enchanting staircase, its stark lines and wooden accents foreshadowing the apartment’s modernist aesthetic. Here, Massimo Adario orchestrates a symphony of light and shadow, guiding visitors upwards with anticipation.

A Canvas of Contemporary Living

Each room articulates a facet of contemporary living, harmoniously aligned with the building’s architectural rhythm. The living area is a spacious haven where plush seating melds with rustic wooden beams, reflecting a keen awareness of comfort and style. Large windows cast natural light across the geometric patterns of the flooring, enhancing the room’s vivacity.

The bedroom is a sanctuary where bold artistry meets restfulness. A grand mural transforms the wall into a dynamic visual feast, flanked by the serenity of a minimalist bed setup. Here, the design narrative weaves a story of both repose and creativity.

In another bedroom, serenity reigns supreme. A large, abstract painting sets a tranquil mood, complemented by soft lighting and a luxuriously tufted headboard. The choice of muted colors and refined materials creates a space where calm is the ultimate luxury.

Concluding the tour, the dining area epitomizes minimalistic elegance. Clean lines and sleek furnishings affirm the home’s contemporary soul, while the view through the windows anchors the space in its historic Venetian setting.

Home in Venice emerges not just as a place of residence but as a beacon of design that harmonizes the old with the new. Massimo Adario’s work is a dialogue between time periods, an apartment where history is not overshadowed but enhanced by modern sensibilities.

Photography by Barbara Rossi

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- by Matt Watts