The Bunker by Miller-Roodell Architects

The Bunker is a beautiful rustic mountain retreat located in Big Sky, Montana, designed in 2017 by Miller-Roodell Architects.

Rustic living room with a stone fireplace, large windows, and wooden beams
Modern kitchen with wooden beams, island, and pendant light.
Rustic dining room with stone fireplace, wooden table, and modern chairs.
Elegant dining area with patterned chairs, conical pendant light, and scenic
Cozy living room interior with eclectic decor and a striking chandelier.
Rustic bedroom with exposed beams, ceiling fan, and colorful rug.
Bedroom with stacked log wall, unique globe ceiling fixture, and rustic decor.
Elegant bedroom with plush furnishings and stone wall accents.
Rustic-chic living room with fireplace and mountain view.

About The Bunker

Nestled in the heart of Big Sky, Montana, “The Bunker,” designed by Miller-Roodell Architects in 2017, stands as a paragon of mountain retreats. Its rustic design harmoniously blends with the rugged landscape, establishing a dialogue between architecture and nature.

Sculpted Landscape Meets Rustic Grandeur

The home’s exterior exudes a stoic presence, with robust, weathered materials that speak to the area’s natural grandeur. Native stone and timeworn wood sidings are the hallmark of its facade, hinting at the meticulous design within.

A Warm Welcome

Upon entering, the foyer sets a tone of warmth and welcome, transitioning smoothly into the living room. Here, the interior embraces a rustic yet refined aesthetic, with exposed beams overhead and a stone fireplace serving as the room’s heart.

Elegance in Simplicity

The kitchen’s sleek lines and minimalist design contrast with the living area’s rustic elements, providing a modern culinary oasis. Each space within The Bunker unfolds with intention, creating a narrative of comfort and sophistication amidst the wilderness.

The bedrooms are sanctuaries of tranquility, each presenting a unique character through materials that echo the surrounding landscape. The use of raw wood and natural textiles ensures a seamless indoor-outdoor connection, inviting the sweeping vistas inside.

In the bathrooms, the ruggedness of the retreat is softened by contemporary fixtures and finishes, presenting a space where functionality meets artistry. The Bunker is a testament to Miller-Roodell Architects’ ability to craft spaces that are both of the landscape and for the dwellers within.

Finally, the shared spaces, including a whimsically lit dining area and a bar that opens to the great outdoors, are designed for conviviality and engagement, completing The Bunker’s narrative of a mountain retreat that is both a shelter and a space for communal joy.

Photography by David Marlow

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- by Matt Watts