Mattel Office: Blending Toy-Inspired Design with Functionality

Explore the Mattel office in Warsaw, Poland, designed by BIT Creative, situated on the 34th floor of the iconic Skyliner. This 650 sqm space is not just an office but a journey into the world of beloved toys like Barbie and Hot Wheels. BIT Creative masterfully blends vibrant colors and subtle design elements, ensuring a workspace that reflects the spirit of Mattel while fostering productivity and creativity among its employees. Discover an office where every detail, from meeting rooms to social spaces, tells a story, epitomizing innovative office design.

Modern office lounge with minimalist decor, vibrant blue furniture, and lush greenery.
A modern, stylish meeting room with blue architectural features, a large TV, and sleek furniture.
Vibrant, retro-inspired office space features a pink vintage van, neon signage, and modern furnishings.
Vibrant, modern office space with sleek pink furniture, dynamic lighting, and city views.
A modern office space with sleek furniture, lush greenery, and a clean, minimalist aesthetic.
A dynamic office space with distinct Hot Wheels and Matchbox-themed zones for play and work.
Modern open office space with sleek furniture, large windows, and lush plants.
Vibrant, nature-inspired office space with tropical accents, modern furnishings, and scenic views.
Sleek modern kitchen with gray cabinets, wooden walls, and hanging plants. Minimalist design.

About Mattel office

Discover the Playful Elegance of the Mattel Office

Situated in the bustling Warsaw Business District, the Mattel office occupies a prestigious spot on the Skyliner’s 34th floor. This 7,000 sq ft (650 sqm) workspace, designed by BIT Creative, invites employees into a world filled with the joy and imagination reminiscent of Mattel’s iconic toys. The interior design pays homage to beloved brands such as Barbie, Fisher Price, Hot Wheels, and Matchbox without overwhelming the space.

A Colorful Yet Balanced Workspace

BIT Creative’s main challenge was to infuse the Mattel spirit into the office design without sacrificing a professional atmosphere. The solution: color-coded spaces. Meeting rooms burst with vibrant hues and thematic decorations inspired by Mattel’s toy lines. Conversely, the main work areas adopt a more subdued palette of grays and whites, punctuated by red accents, aligning with the company’s brand identity.

Functional Spaces with a Twist of Fun

The office layout is a testament to thoughtful design, featuring a variety of work and collaboration spaces. Special attention was given to the largest meeting rooms, themed after Barbie and Fisher Price, which can be joined or separated as needed. Even small meeting rooms carry unique elements, like tables shaped like car engines or a Scrabble game board, introducing a playful twist to serious discussions.

In keeping with the brand’s spirit, other areas, such as a large, functional kitchen and social rooms, offer employees a chance to unwind. The kitchen sports a retro look with fluted fronts and a terrazzo countertop, brightened by neon lights. A botanical touch is provided by steel flowerbeds, fostering a connection with nature amidst the urban setting.

A View Worth Working For

Positioned to afford panoramic vistas of Warsaw, the office’s location on the 34th floor elevates the employee experience literally and figuratively. Seating areas are strategically placed to maximize the views, ensuring that coffee breaks are as refreshing for the mind as they are for the eyes.

Overall, the Mattel office by BIT Creative is more than a place of work. It’s a carefully curated environment where the joy of Mattel’s products is woven into the very fabric of the space, encouraging creativity, productivity, and a sense of belonging among its occupants.

Photography by Fotomohito
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- by Matt Watts