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Seaside: How Traditional Architecture Blends with Modern Living

Spacious open-concept living area with panoramic ocean views, contemporary furnishings.

Discover Seaside, a stunning house designed by DSK | Dewing Schmid Kearns Architects + Planners in 2016, located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. This modern interpretation of gambrel-roofed, shingle-style homes features a breathtaking oceanfront setting. Its design merges traditional elements with a fresh, modern aesthetic, emphasizing open-concept spaces and uninterrupted ocean views.

Homestead: Birdseye’s Vision of Lakefront Living in South Hero

Homestead: Birdseye’s Vision of Lakefront Living in South Hero

Discover Homestead, a Birdseye-designed house located in the pastoral setting of South Hero, Vermont, USA. Crafted in 2021, this single-story house blends seamlessly with its landscape, offering a unique connection to Lake Champlain. Delve into its design that mirrors the agrarian typology, optimized for lake views and integrated with sustainable features for enhanced living comfort.

Arayaasanee House: A Family Home That Embraces River Views in Amphawa

Modern two-story building with large windows and wooden slats fa├žade.

Explore Arayaasanee House, designed by dminusplusb and situated in Amphawa, Thailand. This private residence, completed in 2019, perfectly exemplifies modern tropical style. Spanning 1,500 square meters, its design harmoniously blends with the surrounding river and canal, offering stunning views and innovative architectural solutions that respect both privacy and the natural beauty of Amphawa.