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Ravine House by Wheeler Kearns Architects

Ravine House by Wheeler Kearns Architects

Unveiling the Ravine House, an embodiment of modern design and nature’s embrace nestled in the heart of Highland Park, Illinois. Designed in 2017 by the renowned Wheeler Kearns Architects, this modern single-story house seamlessly blends active lifestyle elements with the tranquility of the surrounding ravine.

As a picturesque dwelling place for a couple who are cyclists, artists, and nature enthusiasts, this home serves as a testament to their passions, interests, and harmonious living with nature. Immerse yourself in the allure of American Walnut interiors, open spaces that capture the changing seasons, and the integration of local flora, all contributing to this home’s unique charm.

The Ravine House isn’t just a home, it’s a serene lifestyle tucked away in the lush landscapes of Illinois.

St Joseph Beach House by Wheeler Kearns Architects

FeaturedSt Joseph Beach House by Wheeler Kearns Architects

St Joseph Beach House is a new single-family residence nestled into expansive dune grass along Lake Michigan. In response to the client’s desire for intimate living spaces, lake views, and privacy from the street, a cluster of vernacular volumes clad in soft, weathering materials are crafted to create a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for the family and guests.