The Royston Property by Vibe Design Group

The Royston Property is located near Melbourne, on Mt Eliza, and it was designed by Vibe Design Group. This building simply looks amazing from all sides. It is designed with a palette – both inside and out – that is warm and comfortable. Inside, the attention to detail is not compromised, with a wonderful choice of materials, and a smart layout throughout.

Description by Vibe Design Group

Our design intent focused on giving appreciation of the breathtaking bay views from every conceivable vantage point. The resulting elongated facede created an extreme line, and enabled placement of the garaging and boat storage facilities at one end, balanced by the lightly suspended children’s wing at the other. Shape and form were used in a combination of solid elements, blade walls and cantilevers to purposefully guide the journey through the home, with the ever-present view on show.

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- by Matt Watts

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