Green Islands by Jean-Marie Massaud

Amazing Green Islands ottomans by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud created for the furniture manufacturer OFFECCT.

Green Islands by Jean-Marie Massaud - 1
Green Islands by Jean-Marie Massaud - 2
Green Islands by Jean-Marie Massaud - 3

Description by Offecct

Green Islands can be described as an ottoman with room for vegetation, and by integrating a higher plant inside Green Islands, a relaxing feeling of sitting as under a tree is created. The key is that the vegetation is part of the furniture. Green Islands can be described as an island, or a kind of a refuge. When placed in a public interior it invites you to a moment of contemplation or a quiet conversation.

“Plants are essential. I like their various greens, I like their smell and their changes with time”, says Jean-Marie Massaud.

“When I designed Green Islands I found it fun imagining people sitting on a big square or circle islands with a coconut-tree over their head in the lobby of a bank. Green Islands is a kind of an enormous cushion, a waiting platform for corporate environments. I thought it was elegant to propose green in a generally dry universe.”

Green Islands comes in two variants – one circular and one square.

Green Island is part of Offecct’s O2ASIS – concept. O2ASIS is an assortment of design products, which together with flowers and plants enhances and adds value to the work environment, not least through an improved indoor air quality.

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- by Matt Watts