Hope Street Residence by Steve Domoney Architecture

This two storey contemporary Hope Street residence designed by Steve Domoney Architecture is located in Geelong West, a commercial and residential suburb of Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Description by Steve Domoney Architecture

This unusually wide site of generous proportions accommodating only a modest single level weatherboard period cottage, afforded the opportunity to develop the site to best suit the needs of a growing family.

In retaining the existing cottage, due respect has been paid to the rhythm of existing heritage cottages along the streetscape.

Historic threads are made evident and are read from the street with the new contemporary portions of the house, now in conversation with the old.
The new is clearly defined against the existing through the application of tonal contrast. The old is treated in monotonic white, whilst the new presents itself in a relieving charcoal toning behind.

This charcoal undertone extends throughout the interior of the new work providing a canvas, to which lively primary colours are applied throughout. These played out in both the fixed joinery elements and loose furniture selections of interior designer Andrew Parr.

Now fused, the existing and new portions of the house provide very different opportunities for use, the existing smaller rooms of the cottage serve appropriately to accommodate the bedroom and utility spaces of the house, whilst the new; over a two level rise; provide a more open flowing arrangement of space, visually interconnected and conducive to the needs of a contemporary young family.

The integration of the garden spaces and pool with the house is achieved through a transitional outdoor covered area, extending through both levels and punctuated by an enclosing vertical timber battened screen, this offering protection from the elements for outdoor activity and a filter to sunlight entering the interior.

The completed home offers robust family accommodation without compromising the qualities necessary to provide a stimulating space for daily life.

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- by Matt Watts

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