Sumaré House by Isay Weinfeld

This amazing property called the Sumaré House was designed for a graphic designer in São Paulo, Brazil by Isay Weinfeld.

Description by Isay Weinfeld

Sumaré house is located in São Paulo, and was designed for a graphic designer.

The client wanted a spacious house, where she could work, exercise, entertain friends and, of course, live in.

Thus, we had to fit an atelier, a swimming pool and a space for ballet routines into the house, along with ample entertaining areas, two bedrooms and all other rooms suitable to a residence.

The plot is not a small one (700 sq mt), but due to construction (height) restriction laws, the building should not exceed 2 floors, and an underground floor was necessary. There, we placed the caretaker’s quarters and the atelier – as both areas open onto small but nice lawns, one does not feel like being underground at all. On the middle floor, a few steps above street level, there are the sitting and dining rooms, the kitchen and a larger lawn. In the living room, we designed a long étagère so the owner could display her collection, ranging from works of art to design and vintage objects. On the upper floor, there are the bedrooms – hers and a guest’s – and the “facilities” for physical exercising: ballet and swimming. As this is a space she meant for private use mainly, she liked it when we suggested having it by her bedroom, enclosed only by a screen of pre-cast concrete blocks, through which she would be able to see the city skyline far away. Above all, on the uppermost level, there is a wood-decked outdoors entertaining area, perfect for a get together, by day or by night.

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- by Matt Watts

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