Atrium House by Mobius Architekci

Quite interesting single family house design by Mobius Architekci located in Kraków, Poland. This one is older, built in 2007 … still looking fresh though.

Description by Mobius Architekci

Despite numerous limitations of the local development plan, investors and us wanted to create a simple and modern building with a modest image alluding to regional tradition of building. Project’s functional assumption was to make a one-storey house open to the inside.The solid is uniform, covered with blackstone and deprived of eaves. Two white frames complete the composition. The first one in the front forms an observation deck for a living room, an entrance and a two place garage. The second frame complements an atrial house set with a partially roofed terrace.

Arcades were composed of decks, stone and aluminium joinery. The vast terrace partially covered by an openwork slabroof opens towards a garden space. House’s interior was divided into particular spheres that may be respectively opened or closed. All the rooms are directed towards the atrium.

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- by Matt Watts

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