Villa on Lake Como

Italian architect Marco Piva took care of the renovation, landscape design, lighting and interior of this modern villa situated on the lake Como, in  Italy.

Description by Marco Piva

The project of this villa, situated in the suggestive location of Como Lake (Italy), consisted of the internal and external renovation of the lot and its interior design. The construction was really degraded, completely abandoned.

The concept design was developed thinking of a contemporary style and seeking for alternatives to guarantee that the project is developed according to client’s requests and objectives of a villa with and oppulent atmosphere, confort, tranquility. The aim of this concept design is the harmonization between residence and nature.The key element of the project has been to develop a continuity between the formal structure and its framework, privileging light colors and natural materials in harmony with the surrounding green areas, for a pleasant, cozy and elegant global scene.

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- by Matt Watts