Unconventional Dog Beds from Dogghaus

As far as dog beds go, the Italian made Pet Superfine range are in a new realm of luxury for your pooch.

Launched in the UK last week through Dogghaus, these individual works of art are crafted from steam bent zebra wood, raw steel, leather, and even white gold, creating furniture with both jaw dropping aesthetics and every day functionality.

Only a maximum of 200 of each bed will be made – with every one inscribed with its respective production number.

They are designed by Paulo de Anna and are hand built by his team of artisans in Vicenza, Italy. Each bed takes around 4 weeks to make, can be personalised on request and has a choice of Walnut or Olive legs.

A stand out piece from the collection is undoubtedly the Garda Lux Mos (below) – quite possibly the King of the luxury dog bed world. Covered completely with Bisazza Opus Romano mosaic tiles and finished with hand cut tesserae in white gold, this is a dog bed like no other and will make a stylish impact on your interior.

These stunning beds come in a range of styles, all made for the ultra modern, luxury home:

You can view the full Pet Superfine range here.

- by Matt Watts