Contemporary Bathrooms by Adeeni Design Group

Claudia Juestel and her team at Adeeni Design Group gave a fresh and modern look to two dated bathrooms in an apartment in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood.

PH Condo His Bath 1
PH Condo His Bath 2
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PH Condo Her Bath 1
PH Condo Her Bath 4
PH Condo Her Bath 2
PH Condo Her Bath 3
PH Condo Her Bath Storage Cabinet

Description by Adeeni Design Group

An artist couple asked to create a bathroom for each, expressing their personal tastes.  The husband needed a space of a home office as well, so the room serves dual function.  The bathroom spans along the window wall, and the office receives light through a frosted glass wall and door.  In answer to his requirement for a masculine ambience we chose a rich brown palette with oversized bronze metallic tile for the floor and small a glass tile mosaic for the walls.  The fixtures are simple and modern with clean lines and graceful shapes.  The corner shower takes full advantage of this small space.

The wife asked to incorporate her favorite color black as much as possible without sucking the light out of the room.  An overall golden palette is accented with warm walnut, a custom black marble floor and niche above the tub lined in black glass.  The walls are covered in honey onyx tile to compliment the tub surround made from solid onyx slab.  The vanity topped with back-painted glass features a red and black vessel sink incorporating the client’s second favorite color red.  Clean lines are highlighted with unique details, such as a clear glass base for the vanity, towel cubbies and a laundry hamper fitted with a space-saving towel bar.

Photography by Crystal Waye

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- by Matt Watts