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Mando Space: Reimagining 1970s Italian Apartment Design

Bright, modern living room with built-in bookshelves, gray sofa, and colorful accents.

Designed by the renowned R3architetti in Turin, Italy, the Mando Space apartment showcases a captivating contemporary transformation of a 1970s dwelling. This fluid, light-filled space defies the traditional compartmentalized layout, embracing an open and dynamic design approach that seamlessly integrates the entry, living, and dining areas. With unexpected color accents and a multifunctional built-in furnishing, this apartment project offers a fresh take on modern urban living.

Apartment for a Bachelor: Where Modern Design Meets Functionality

Apartment for a Bachelor: Where Modern Design Meets Functionality

Welcome to a tour of the “Apartment for a Bachelor,” a stunning example of modern design in the heart of Moscow, Russia. This remarkable space, redesigned in 2022 by Alexander Tischler, offers a unique blend of functionality and style, tailored to the lifestyle of a modern bachelor.

The apartment’s interior is a testament to Tischler’s innovative approach, featuring a glass home office, personalized art objects, and a kitchen that challenges traditional design norms. With a color palette dominated by beige and black, the apartment is divided into distinct ‘blocks’ that create a sense of order and coherence.

Let’s delve into the details of this inspiring living space.

Inside Aerie: Opa Architects’ Innovative Approach to Home-Office Design

FeaturedInside Aerie: Opa Architects’ Innovative Approach to Home-Office Design

Immerse yourself in the world of Aerie by Opa Architects, a contemporary home-office retreat that redefines the ideal environment for thinking. Nestled in the heart of San Francisco, this architectural marvel offers a unique blend of clarity and detachment, creating a space that is as inspiring as it is tranquil.

The Aerie is not just a place to work; it’s a sanctuary that hovers above the city, providing a panoramic view that is both breathtaking and thought-provoking. With a daylit ceiling and a design that emphasizes psychological detachment, this project is a testament to Opa Architects‘ innovative approach to meditative architecture.