Apartment in Moscow by Yevhen Zahorodnii

This contemporary 1,184 sq ft apartment designed by Yevhen Zahorodnii is situated in Moscow, Russia.

Description by Yevhen Zahorodnii

The apartment consists of a small living room with kitchenette, hallway, two bathrooms and bedrooms. Initially, the design was very important to preserve the visual perception of space as a whole, so that all areas of apartment, including the floorboard, were involved.

Thanks to the bright hues of the walls, the room looks spacious and bright. Temperature contrast of colors accentuated by dark granite wall panels.

Color solution is reflected in the choice of furniture in the living room: soft and neutral shades sofa second general range of colors and tone deaf dark cherry two armchairs supported color paintings.

Dining area represented a harmonious contrast to strict forms of furniture and light fixture surround.

Closet, located in the corridor in the entire height of the walls, very optimizes space.

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- by Matt Watts

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