Apartment in Rome by Brain Factory

This fresh 807 sq ft apartment designed by Brain Factory is located in the Italian capital of Rome.

Description by Brain Factory – Architecture & Design

The interior design of the apartment is conceived as an emotional journey, peculiar characteristic of the owners always in looking for new places to explore in the world. At the entrance tall green bamboo from Malaysia rises to the ceiling, positioned strategically in a long architectural cut adorned with white stones on the oak wooden floor.

The feeling of being immersed in a bamboo forest is amplified by the optical effect created by the large mirror at full-height. The open floor plan is cozy, colorful and features a texture, black on white, that in drawing the world nominates countries in the different languages.

Concealed furniture and invisible doors introduce to the other rooms of the house, carefully designed with elegance. The bedroom is made precious by a bright golden wall, emphasized by the grazing light of the two wall sconces. Bathrooms have solutions for comfort and sensorial harmony, through natural materials and plays of transparencies, which are essential for the physical and psychological wellbeing.

Photography courtesy of Brain Factory – Architecture & Design

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- by Matt Watts