Pavilny Residence by YCL Studio

Designed for a young family by YCL Studio, this single family residence is located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Description by YCL Studio

On the outskirts of Vilnius, in 117 sq.m. semi-detached house a young family without a pet has just settled down. Just by entering the house a feeling of a spacious and uncluttered interior comes to our minds and hearts. Areas of the first floor are connected with pleasuring texture stone tiles while private sleeping zones on the second floor are covered with the warm oak parquet. Floors of the home are connected with the plastically modeled concrete stairs and the first steps make you doubt if it is real. Dining area enhanced by levitating table invites all the family and their friends for the dinner. Daylight fills the house as uninvited, but pleasant guest.

Photography by Andrius Stepankevičius

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- by Matt Watts

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