Touguinhó House by Raulino Silva

Located in the village of Touguinhó in Portugal, this contemporary single family house was designed in 2012 by Raulino Silva.

Description by Raulino Silva

If we go up the narrow streets to a place called “Lugar do Monte” (The Mount) in Touguinhó village, we can observe the sea from afar, near the town of Vila do Conde, North of Portugal.

The placement of the house took into consideration the local landscape, the sunlight exposure and the significant slope in the terrain.

On the top floor are the bedrooms and the office, all of which have access to a balcony facing west. On the ground floor were designed the living room and the kitchen facing the garden and the swimming pool area. Still, on the lower floor there´s the garage, the laundry room, the technical area and a storage room.

On the inside, all areas are covered with a pine wood floor, including the suspended steps, although the kitchen’s countertops and floor are covered with Silestone and the bathrooms are covered with white marble from Greece. On the other hand, both garage and laundry room are finished in black concrete floor.

The woodwork is all executed with mdf: doors, wall panels, wardrobes, shelves, cabinets for bathrooms and the kitchen’s counters. The outside door is made of pine wood modified. All the woodwork is lacquered in white with a high gloss coating.

On the outside, all the surfaces (walls and ceilings) are covered with the etics system with a white finishing and a marble baseboard, emphasizing the black shale wall. The exterior pavement is made out of black concrete in the garage access and of pine wood grey colored deck in the swimming pool area.

In one of the backyard corners there’s a small construction. This works as a dog’s shelter, a technical area and also a bathroom.

Photography by João Morgado

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- by Matt Watts