Apartment in Singapore by KNQ Associates

This inspiring contemporary apartment has been recently completed by KNQ Associates.

It’s located in Parc Vera Condo, Singapore.

Description by KNQ Associates

The owners of this apartment have been our studio’s long time friends. Given that this is the second time we are working with them, we are able to understand their needs and requirements, as well as personal taste better this time.

The clean-cut aesthetics starts at the living room. Introducing angled lines and undulating surfaces to create a direct visual contrast against straight and flat elements, we hope to deconstruct the interiors in a subtle, unobtrusive manner. Even the little details, like the customised picture of black and white photography which decorate the walls are arranged artfully in an atypical collage arrangement to tie up with the design concept.

The color palette is kept light and monochromatic to ensure the interior space stays airy and feels ‘light’. The color blue serves a central role to keep the home from looking sterile from using a neutral scheme, as well as being a color picked by a Feng Shui master to ensure the well-being of the couple.

The asymmetrical forms continues in the master bedroom, where a TV panel has been designed to keep the space between the end of the bed and the opposite wall clear for passage. Looking like a monolith, it breaks the regular boundary of a rectangular room and serves as part of the false ceiling to hold the lights. Similarly, a bold red wallpaper at the headboard wall – color suggested by the Feng Shui consultant – commands presence in the room. The room feels serene even with such a strong accent nevertheless.

In the study cum guest room, the customised built-in storage furniture is similarly designed with the central theme in mind – graphical lines create a geometric pattern on the doors for visual interest. The choice color of orange on one wall jumps at you, especially since the rest of the walls are covered in light off-white and brown tones.

Photography courtesy of KNQ Associates

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- by Matt Watts

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