Heathdale Residence by Tact Architecture

Located in Toronto, Canada, this contemporary two-storey residence was designed in 2015 by Tact Architecture.

Description by Tact Architecture

66 Heathdale is a 3,200 sqft custom single-family residence located on the ravine of Cedarvale Park in Mid-town Toronto. This house projects a resolute demeanor towards the street with an undaunted face toward the ravine. The carefully crafted inner core is grounded by the sculpted wooden stair, which culminates at the 3rd floor study and wrap-around terrace. Expansive windows allow the owners to dwell amongst the ravine’s tree canopy while the lower family area spills into the shaded rear yard. The front dining area finds its comfort under the brow of the striking yet reserved Corten face. The dichotomy of the design responds to the contrasting public and private sides of the site; rooting it in its context while expressing the persona of the owners.

Photography by David Giral

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- by Matt Watts

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