B+M House by DP+HS Architects

Designed in 2015 by DP+HS Architects, this contemporary 8,665 sq ft residence is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Description by DP+HS Architects

This residential project is the outcome of tropical design approach in modern residential that is inhabited by an introvert owner. Don Pieto and Henny Suwardi of DP+HS Architects emphazise layering and sheltering concept at the facade of the building. The layering is done by creating a secondary skin in form of steel louvre which serves to reduce the direct light entering the building, as well as a security factor which is obstructing the view and access of people from the street to the building. Another layering is done by creating a double wall, and the use of natural stone material serves to hold the heat wave absorbed by the wall.

Wide eaves are created to reduce the amount of direct light that enters the building, as well as creating a space for terrace and balcony that can be used as a gathering area. A big pool is built at the back of the house with a high void which directly adjoins the living room; this area serves to help lower the room temperature.

Mezzanine concept is presented in the living room to merge the spatial relationship and activities between the floors. The high ceiling aims to make the room temperature cooler. The materials that are used on the exterior of this building are also used in the interior of the building, particularly the use of natural stone.

Photography by Mario Wibowo

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- by Matt Watts

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