Maxhaus by Casa 2 Arquitetos

Designed in 2015 by Casa 2 Arquitetos, this 753 sq ft condominium is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Description by Casa 2 Arquitetos

MaxHaus is a 70m² condo with the concept of free plan loft style . The young couple that loves get togethers with their friends choose to built only one bedroom, leaving the integrated ambience as broad as possible . The cement floor was used throughout the apartment so the integration between ambiences are complete. The apartment already had the bare concrete slab so the walls were painted white to lighten and improve the ambiance.

The project base colors are sober like black, gray and white. Some color dots were added to make the ambience informal and fun. In the kitchen it was used black granite countertop with black tiles and a black wall that serves as a blackboard.

The copper pipe celling light of the living room was designed and assembled by the firm, bringing to the apartment an interesting industrial touch.

Photography by Rodrigo Braga

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- by Matt Watts

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