New Shabby House by Brain Factory

Designed by Brain Factory, this modern single family residence is situated in Rome, Italy.

Description by Marco Marotto

The real challenge of the project has been to develop a formal language that combining the traditional spirit of the shabby chic style to a recognizably contemporary sign. The result is a mix between a modern home and a warm English country house. The shabby touch is achieved mainly thanks to the laying of white beads on the living walls with a dusty effect, hardly used, juxtaposed with the upholstery fabric in havana colour. Technical led lights, gorges and bright spotlights, are opposed to the embroidered lines of the russet suspensions on the table and in denim fabric with vintage finish in the bedroom. The furnishings are clean and have an essential aesthetic. The color palette is sober and turns on the taupe tones. With a cut of ‘Fontana’s memory’, the glass of the shower interfaces itself with the dressing table of the main room. The bathrooms are built around one central shower, accessible from both sides and that serves as skylight.

Photography by Marco Marotto

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- by Matt Watts

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