House in Brazil by Clo Oiticica Design

Designed by Clo Oiticica Design, this colorful eclectic residence is located in Brazilian tropical northeast.

Description by Clo Oiticica Design

The Brief for this house was to provide flow and be bold, nothing flat or neutral was to be emphasized.

The client wanted the house to have a life, to be casual, confortable and relaxed.

The idea for this project was to use maximum colour in an all white interior walls. The client had beautiful pieces of art and furniture that needed to be carefully aligned in order to show off the individual beauty of them. The result was this colourful interior with strong use of multicultural fabrics, timber, antique and geometric shapes.

Cement, terracotta bricks, marble and wood were the main materials used in the design of this beautiful house interior.

All put together shows how unique this home turned to be.

Photography by Estúdio JR Lima Photo & Film

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- by Matt Watts

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