Home in Barcelona by GCA Architects

Designed in 2011 by GCA Architects, this inspiring residence is situated in Barcelona, Spain.

Description by GCA Architects

Renovation Project carried out by GCA Architects, with the Architect Antonio Puig, and the Interior Designer Daniela Baeza leading the project.

A total renovation is carried out of the whole property. The new distribution had to be adapted, above all in the night zones, given that originally it had bedrooms with very small bathrooms and with a very outdated distribution. To this end, the distribution was modified and all spaces were redesigned. The objective of the intervention was to adapt the distribution to the new needs of the owners, reducing the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

The distribution was modified by redistributing partition walls, without affecting the load-bearing walls.

The property is resolved through one sole circulation around the central communicating patio of the building, clearly differentiating the day zone from the night zone, with the exception of the master bedroom, which communicates directly with both zones.

In the night zone, the property contains 1 master bedroom with a double bathroom and dressing room. 2 bedrooms with shared bathroom and dressing room. 2 bedrooms with bathrooms. 1 guest toilet.

In the day zone; kitchen, office, pantry and laundry room. Dining room. Living room with a traditional fireplace and an office-library with a gas fireplace.

The formation of the ceilings at two heights, in the whole of the property, provides the solution for the passage of the installations, without renouncing maximum height. This double height is taken advantage of for housing indirect and adjustable perimeter lighting.

In the property’s common rooms, large sliding doors make it possible to connect the spaces, merging them into one another.

The renovation was conceived as the creation of a white, neutral, timeless, and light container that resolves the required needs in terms of the functional program, and serves as the perfect stage for the unique pieces of furniture to stand out individually.

The furniture is a mix of contemporary pieces, classic designer pieces and antiques of diverse origins.

A large balcony links the day-time spaces and brings the park closer to the interior of the property.

Photography by Jordi Miralles

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- by Matt Watts