Apartment CPN 21 by Diego Grandi

Situated in Milan, Italy, this inspiring contemporary apartment was designed in 2014 by Diego Grandi.

Description by Diego Grandi

The last floor of an apartment complex of the Twenties is redesigned following a personal aestethic language. The original plan is modified considering contemporary necessities: the traditional distribution, with entrance, side hallway and a serie of contiguos rooms, opens to create fluid and ample spaces.

Entering the apartment, the first area is a unique room of 40 square meters that becomes the center of the house hosting the living area and the dining area with kitchen, separated by a sliding glass wall. The flat continues in a short corridor that gives access to a studio, a large bathroom and a bedroom with walk-in closet hidden behind an equipped wall.

The new distribution, rigorous and practical, is the starting point for the other elements characterizing the project, realized through simple but studied gestures. Architectural solutions and customized furnishings such as the long bench of the dining area, an ideal prosecution of the living room wall, the glass partition in the kitchen and the visual continuity between the living area and the bedroom have been designed to add depth to a small space. At the same time geometric decorative accents characterise the apartment and are examples of the graphic language of the architect. The Escherian surfaces of the kitchen and the bathroom play indeed with the space and create an effect of subtle distortion using plain colors and rhythmic geometries.

Works of art and a selection of design objects complete the project suggesting the interests and the life of the owner of the apartment.

Photography by Denise Bonenti

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- by Matt Watts

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