Residence in Veľké Úľany by Šercel Švec Design

Located in the Slovak village of Veľké Úľany, this contemporary two-storey house was designed by Šercel Švec Design.

Description by Šercel Švec Design

The concept design is based on the genius loci of the site in Veľké Úľany.

The site is specific for its proximity to the important monument (Calvary) and high vegetation.

The family house is conceived to offer a view on Calvary and at the same time providing adequate links of the interior and exterior by generous glazing.

The building is anchored on a base plate which protect the root system under the house, so the site retain its original green areas.

In the interior and exterior space are used only natural materials such as wood, stone and white plaster.

Photography by Tomáš Manina

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- by Matt Watts

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