Penthouse for Two by NOI studio

This fresh penthouse apartment located in Voluntari, Romania, was designed in 2016 by NOI studio.

Penthouse for Two by NOI studio - 1
Penthouse for Two by NOI studio - 2
Penthouse for Two by NOI studio - 3
Penthouse for Two by NOI studio - 4
Penthouse for Two by NOI studio - 5
Penthouse for Two by NOI studio - 6
Penthouse for Two by NOI studio - 7
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Penthouse for Two by NOI studio - 9
Penthouse for Two by NOI studio - 10

Description by NOI studio

The project started from Eduard and Roxana’s desire to have a lifestyle as close to that of living in a house with a yard. Their urban lifestyle have led them in choosing the option of buying a penthouse with a terrace generous enough to substitute the garden they wished for.

The main theme of the work was born from the way they’ll be using their home and the way their stories unfold in every PLACE THE HOUSE OFFERS: their bed as a mattress thrown on the floor, a place for Roxana to doll up; a swing in relation to the living room, an outside relaxation area that accommodates a dining table and their dog house as well; a living room that will accommodate a table where they could dine with friends, a romantic place in front of the fireplace and a relaxing sofa oriented towards a media unit, everything done in a contemporary, minimalist manner, with a splash of color.

The developing of the project had to be carried on in regard to the constraints given by the initial situation of the apartment, issues such as the way the fireplace looked (originally looking more like a stove) accompanied by an unfortunate radiator (sic.), or dealing with the fact that divisions where made entirely out of plasterboard walls, a terrace devoid of intimacy and personality…

Another important point of my mission was seeking a way that does not involve interventions that generate a lot of waste and wet works, choosing a fitting direction based on designed objects, “coverings” and concept modules, that had to be transported from Timisoara to Bucharest.

I tried to do my work so as to harmoniously combine and intensify the moments they want to experience living in their house, offering them transformable places that give a flexible and experimental nature to the space:

– the interior central module – a sculptural piece handmade by metal-craftsmen – dominates and organizes the inside living area bringing together three main places such as the romantic place in front of the fireplace, the couch – oriented to the media unit and the dining area that works as a link in relation to the kitchen – offering at the same time the possibility of using it as a bar from where you can watch the matches together with the friends sitting on the couch.

– the outside central module transforms from a party dining table, into a relaxing bed, which in turn is divided into sunbeds, while – Leia’s “Dog House” is hidden in a planter with high grass which works together with the outdoor curtain so as the terrace transforms into a hidden oasis of relaxation.

Photography by Scorcealof Cosmin Tiberiu, Andi Alexandru Buftea

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- by Matt Watts