Squat Apartment by Oooox

Located in Prague, Czech Republic, Squat Apartment is a luxurious home completely redesigned in 2016 by Oooox.

A spacious, modern living room with plush, black sectional sofas and a grand brass chandelier.
Elegant gray and white living room with modern TV console, lighting fixture, and furnishings.
Spacious dining room with modern lighting fixtures and a geometric floor pattern.
Sleek modern kitchen with circular pendant lighting and stylish dining table setting.
A modern kitchen with sleek black cabinets, brass hardware, and a minimalist design.
Minimalist kitchen with sleek black cabinetry, stone countertops, and modern pendant lighting.
A modern, elegant dining room with a large circular pendant lighting fixture and a marble-topped table surrounded by rattan chairs.
Spacious living room with concrete accent wall, modern furniture, and industrial-style lighting.
Modern living room with minimalist furniture, stucco walls, and a green tiled fireplace.
Modern, minimalist bedroom with gray patterned walls, sleek furniture, and warm lighting.
Black-framed bed, marble wall, and lighting details in luxurious bedroom space.
Minimalist, dark-toned walk-in closet with sleek, glass-paneled dividers and wooden floors.
Rustic wood frame mirror, black bathroom sinks, and minimalist lighting fixture.
A modern bathroom with a round mirror, geometric tile pattern, and minimalist fixtures.
A sleek, modern bathroom with a minimalist shower and intricate metal fixtures.

About Squat Apartment

Welcome to Squat Apartment, a luxurious residence designed by Oooox in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. Completed in 2016, this apartment showcases an exquisite blend of modern design and Art Nouveau elements, all within a spacious and elegant layout.

Sophisticated Interior Spaces

As you step into the living area, you are greeted by a striking contrast of black leather seating against a pristine white backdrop. The modular sofa, paired with minimalist gray stools, exudes comfort and style. Overhead, a contemporary chandelier adds a touch of glamor, setting the tone for the rest of the apartment.

The bathroom continues this theme of luxury, with golden walls providing a warm, inviting ambiance. The sleek white fixtures and glass partitions create a sense of openness and sophistication.

In the master bedroom, dark hues dominate, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The plush bed, combined with soft lighting and heavy drapery, ensures a restful retreat. Adjacent to this is a secondary bedroom, featuring a simpler yet equally stylish design. Light walls and modern furnishings offer a serene environment perfect for relaxation.

Elegant Dining and Kitchen Areas

The dining area is a highlight of the Squat Apartment. A large wooden table surrounded by wicker chairs invites guests to gather and dine under the unique black circular light fixtures. This space seamlessly transitions into the kitchen, where black and gold cabinetry adds a luxurious touch. The clean lines and open layout make it a functional yet beautiful part of the home.

Each room in the Squat Apartment has been thoughtfully designed by Oooox to reflect a harmonious balance of luxury and practicality. With its prime location on Pařížská street, this apartment is a testament to contemporary design infused with classic elegance. The result is a living space that is both opulent and welcoming, making it a perfect home for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Photography by Dagmar Vyhnalkova

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- by Matt Watts