Apartment in Kaunas by IDwhite

Designed in 2016 by IDwhite, this small contemporary apartment is situated in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Description by IDwhite

Contemporary interior Box is designed in 2016 by IDwhite and is located in Kaunas, Lithuania.

This 55 square meter (592 square foot) flat was designed with the idea to separate spaces by contrast.

The living room is very bright and clean, through this space, you are able to see the dark kitchen, which connects with the hall and represents a dark tunnel leading you to bathroom space that has a sterile and elegant feeling. Wooden box in the living room is the warmest interior element, thus creating the cozy/homey environment.

Through the door, you enter the bedroom in which the main wall is made from felt. The same material is also used in the living room behind TV table and in the kitchen facade next to stool chairs.

Photography courtesy of IDwhite

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- by Matt Watts

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