South Yarra Residence by Urban Angles

Designed by Urban Angles, South Yarra Residence is an inspiring two-storey house located in South Yarra, Victoria, Australia.

A sleek, contemporary home with a pool, surrounded by lush greenery and a white fence.
The modern home has a sleek, angular exterior with a large window and an inviting swimming pool.
Sleek, modern living space with large windows, pool, and stylish furnishings.
Modern architecture with sleek black exterior, glass walls, and a stunning pool.
Sleek modern pool area with perforated walls, glass enclosure, and tiled decking.
Modern home with sleek black exterior, glass walls, and inviting pool area.
Sleek, modern architecture with a serene, tiled swimming pool surrounded by a perforated white fence.
Modern rooftop with sleek black exterior, expansive windows, and an inviting swimming pool.

About South Yarra Residence

In the heart of South Yarra, Victoria, Australia, the South Yarra Residence emerges as a standout example of contemporary design. Crafted by Urban Angles, this two-story house exemplifies a seamless blend of modern aesthetics and functional living. Designed recently, the home offers a fresh look at architectural innovation in a residential setting.

Exterior Elegance

As you approach South Yarra Residence, the contrast between the traditional and contemporary elements catches the eye. The classic brickwork meshes with bold, modern metallic panels, creating a visually engaging facade. The expansive use of glass not only accentuates its modernity but also invites natural light to flood the interior spaces. Surrounding the structure, a meticulously planned landscape includes a striking pool area, where the blue waters complement the grey tones of the building.

Transitioning from the front to the back, the residence opens up to an outdoor entertainment space. Here, the design prioritizes relaxation and leisure, featuring plush seating and wide terraces. This area, visible through large, sliding glass doors, serves as a perfect spot for hosting gatherings or enjoying quiet moments outdoors.

Inside South Yarra Residence

Inside, the residence boasts a fluid layout that ensures a natural flow between rooms. The living room, which greets guests upon entering, is a testament to minimalist design. Neutral tones dominate the space, complemented by modern furnishings and subtle decor that underscore the home’s contemporary theme. Large windows open up views to the pool, connecting the indoor comfort with the outdoor tranquility.

Adjacent to the living area, the kitchen features state-of-the-art appliances and sleek cabinetry, making it both stylish and practical. The open plan allows for effortless interaction between the kitchen and living spaces, ideal for family life and entertaining.

Moving deeper into the home, the bedrooms and bathrooms continue the theme of sleek modernity with clean lines and high-end finishes. Each room offers unique views of the surrounding landscape, ensuring that nature is never too far away.

In every corner of the South Yarra Residence, Urban Angles has crafted spaces that are not only visually stunning but also highly functional, making it a perfect example of modern living tailored to meet the needs of its inhabitants.

Photography courtesy of Bespoke Pools

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- by Matt Watts