Home in Tyresö by Inne

Home in Tyresö, Sweden, is a traditional Scandinavian-style residence designed in 2017 by Inne.

Bright, airy living room with rustic beams, large windows, and cozy furnishings.
Cozy and modern living room with white wood ceiling, large windows, and neutral furnishings.
Cozy living space with built-in bookshelves, plush seating, and natural light accents.
A minimal, bright kitchen with white cabinets, wooden countertops, and an exposed brick wall.
A cozy dining room with large windows, a black and wood table, and a hanging light fixture.
Minimalist dining room with large window, wooden floor, and modern light fixture.
A bright, airy hallway with white walls, wooden floors, and a patterned curtain.
A cozy bedroom with a floral wallpaper, a desk, and a large window overlooking the outdoors.
A cozy and well-designed bedroom with a prominent pendant light and ample storage space.
Expansive wooden deck with trellised railings overlooking a waterfront cove.
A charming yellow wooden house with a red tiled roof, a porch, and a scenic lakeside view.

About Home in Tyresö

Welcome to “Home in Tyresö,” a beautifully designed residence that encapsulates the essence of modern Scandinavian design. Crafted by the imaginative minds at Inne in 2017 and situated in the serene Tyresö, Sweden, this house stands as a beacon of style and comfort.

Charming Exterior

The journey into the heart of Scandinavian design begins with the striking exterior of the Home in Tyresö. The house, painted in a vivid yellow, complements the rustic charm of its red tiled roof and the natural surrounding landscape. The traditional architecture invites one into a space that promises contemporary elegance and simplicity.

Welcoming Interior Spaces

Inside, the living room boasts clean lines and a neutral color palette, highlighted by natural light flooding through large windows. The minimalist design approach, with a focus on functionality, is evident in the uncluttered space where every piece of furniture and decor seems thoughtfully chosen to balance aesthetics and comfort.

Transitioning from the living area, the dining room continues the theme of understated elegance. A large, inviting table serves as the room’s focal point, surrounded by stylish yet simple chairs. This space is perfect for both family dinners and entertaining guests, offering views of the lush outdoor scenery.

Functional and Stylish Kitchen

The kitchen in Home in Tyresö is a model of Scandinavian efficiency. White cabinetry blends seamlessly with modern appliances, and a central island offers additional workspace. Elements of exposed brick add a touch of rustic charm, bridging the modern and traditional components of the home’s design.

Each bedroom and guest room is a retreat, featuring soft colors, natural materials, and textiles that evoke a sense of calm and relaxation. The continuity of style ensures that each room, while unique, maintains a coherent connection with the rest of the home.

The house not only showcases the best of Scandinavian interior design but also integrates these elements within its idyllic location in Tyresö. “Home in Tyresö” stands not just as a place of residence but as a clear reflection of thoughtful and restrained design philosophy that Inne is known for.

Photography by Karina Kock

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- by Matt Watts