House in Šiauliai by Ramūnas Manikas

Designed by Ramūnas Manikas and Valdas Kontrimas, this contemporary two-storey house is located in Šiauliai, Lithuania.

Description by Ramūnas Manikas

The first floor common area of the house in Šiauliai combines the corridor, the living room and the kitchen. The guest room, lavatory, boiler room and garage are separately formed. The second floor holds the parents and children’s bedrooms, a closet and two bathrooms. The stylistics of the interior is minimalist and ascetic. Strict spatial elements, furniture shapes and contrasting colours further emphasize the refined style. The colour of smoked oak flooring and partially installed veneers and doors of the same colour dominate the interior. The whitish wall and white furniture tones contrast with this dark colour. The black colour of the chandeliers, fireplace stone and door handles gives playfulness to this combination of colouring. The accent of the first floor – the aquarium, whose greenery of water flora brings life and a sense of comfort to the space. On the second floor the similar colouring solutions repeat themselves, forming a continuous and modern house interior.

Photography courtesy of Ramūnas Manikas

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- by Matt Watts

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