Pool House by Luigi Rosselli

Designed in 2013 by Luigi Rosselli, this contemporary two-storey pool house is located in Randwick, United Kingdom.

A modern house with a pool, featuring clean lines, large windows, and a wooden exterior.
A modern home with a sleek, angular design, featuring a glass wall overlooking a swimming pool.
Minimalist dining room with modern light fixture, textured walls, and striped flooring.
Modern kitchen with clean lines, dark wood cabinetry, pendant lighting, and sleek bar stools.
Ornate antique mirror with wall sconces over a tile-covered vanity with brass fixtures.
Modern spiral staircase with wood steps and glass wall, reflecting circular mirror.
Modern, single-story house with glass walls, pool, and lush greenery surrounding the property.

About Pool House

In the serene suburb of Randwick, UK, lies “Pool House,” a striking contemporary creation by designer Luigi Rosselli. Conceived in 2013, this architectural project fuses a hundred years of historical charm with cutting-edge design. It’s a place where the past meets the present, encapsulated by a unique swimming pool that integrates the old with the new.

Seamless Blend of Outdoor Elegance

At first glance, Pool House captivates with its bold, contemporary lines and an organic flow between its structures. The property boasts a substantial, wrap-around swimming pool that not only serves as a visual centerpiece but also as the binding element between the original 1910 cottage and its modern extension. This integration is supported by a reimagined front veranda that extends outward, offering both a street-facing carport and a strong visual presence.

Luigi Rosselli’s design employs traditional building techniques for the front section while introducing modern elements like cantilevered technology and motorized sliding louvre screens at the back. These features not only enhance the home’s functionality but also its aesthetic appeal, especially with the pool reflecting the sky and the structures around it.

A Tour of the Interior: Where Design Meets Function

Stepping inside, the house reveals a masterfully designed interior that maintains a dialogue with its exterior. The living room, directly accessible from the pool area through large sliding glass doors, offers a spacious and inviting environment. Modern furnishings and minimal decor underscore the home’s contemporary ethos, with the outdoors visible from every angle.

Adjacent to the living area is a sleek, modern kitchen. It features an island with seating, state-of-the-art appliances, and ample storage, all set against a backdrop of white cabinetry and dark wood that mirrors the exterior’s color palette.

The connection between the old and new sections is most striking in the elliptical staircase that spirals up from the ground floor. This architectural feature not only serves as a functional element connecting the two levels but also as a sculptural focal point that embodies the home’s modern spirit.

Further exploration reveals a playful yet sophisticated children’s room, outfitted with bright bean bags and a vibrant rug. This room, with its direct access to the pool, highlights the home’s commitment to comfort and accessibility.

Concluding the interior tour, the master bathroom stands out with its combination of vintage and contemporary styles. A classic mirror juxtaposes against modern tiling, creating a space that is both stylish and functional.

Architectural Harmony and Innovation

Pool House by Luigi Rosselli is more than just a residence; it’s a testament to thoughtful design that respects historical context while embracing modern living. The seamless interaction between the indoor and outdoor spaces, coupled with a focus on light and functionality, makes this project a standout in contemporary architecture. As it bridges a century of design, Pool House remains a striking example of how architecture can tell a story of time and innovation.

Photography by Justin Alexander

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- by Matt Watts