Apartment EP by Manca Studio

Situated in Matera, Italy, Apartment EP is an amazing dwelling designed in 2016 by Manca Studio.

Spacious modern interior with warm wood accents, minimalist dining area, and sleek lighting.
Modern, minimalist apartment featuring sleek wood cabinetry, pendant lights, and glass partition.
Minimalist living room with wood furniture, pendant lights, and textured grey sofa.
Minimalist living room with sleek gray sectional, dark wood accents, and arched floor lamp.
Minimalist living room with wooden cabinetry, modular seating, and recessed lighting.
Minimalist interior design with sleek modern staircase, lighting, and clean walls.
Sleek, modern hallway with minimalist wooden shelving, recessed lighting, and tiled flooring.
Minimalist bedroom with wooden accents, sleek mirror, and gray marble-like tiles.
Minimalist bedroom with wooden paneling, full-length mirror, and recessed TV.
Modern minimalist bathroom with sleek gray tile walls, freestanding tub, and wooden vanity.
Modern bathroom with minimalist design, featuring a sleek white tub, gray tiled walls, and a glimpse of the adjacent room.
Modern bathroom with a glass shower enclosure, sleek dark tiles, and a wooden vanity.
A modern bathroom with a wooden vanity, white vessel sink, and a large mirror adorned with integrated lighting.

About Apartment EP

Apartment EP: Modern Living in Matera

In the heart of Matera, Italy, lies Apartment EP, a contemporary haven designed by Manca Studio in 2016. Its facade, a harmonious blend of traditional materials and modern design, stands out in the historical context of the city.

Stepping Inside: A Contemporary Statement

The entrance sets a minimalist tone, leading to an open living area. Here, natural light floods through large windows, highlighting the clean lines and wooden accents that define the space. The living room, with its understated furniture, offers a glimpse into the refined aesthetic that Manca Studio is known for.

Adjacent, the dining area continues the theme of understated elegance. A sleek table flanked by stylish chairs serves as the centerpiece, while unique lighting fixtures add a modern touch. Art pieces on the walls add character without overwhelming the senses.

Moving into the private quarters, the bedroom exemplifies comfort and simplicity. The seamless integration of wood and soft textiles creates a calming atmosphere, while the strategic use of glass maintains a sense of openness. The clever placement of lighting ensures that the room is both functional and inviting.

The bathroom reveals a stark contrast to the rest of the apartment. Here, darker tones and stone textures provide a sense of grounding. Modern fixtures, clear glass, and well-placed lighting combine functionality with style, showcasing Manca Studio’s attention to detail.

The Culmination of Style and Function

Each room in Apartment EP speaks to a deep understanding of space and light. From the efficient kitchen to the comfortable yet chic lounge area, the interior design speaks to a lifestyle that values both aesthetics and everyday living. Manca Studio’s Apartment EP in Matera not only offers a contemporary living space but also stands as a smartly designed home in one of Italy’s most storied cities.

Photography by Pierangelo Laterza

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- by Matt Watts