Apartment by T.M Design Studio

This inspiring apartment located in Taichung City, Taiwan, was designed by T.M Design Studio.

Elegant modern living room with tufted gray sofa, wood and marble coffee table, and large windows.
Minimalist living room with tufted sofa, armchair, and coffee table on animal hide rug.
Spacious open-plan living area with a modern, minimalist design featuring wood, glass, and concrete elements.
Contemporary kitchen with sleek gray cabinets, subway tile backsplash, and black-and-white chevron floor tiles.
Elegant modern dining room with marble-patterned walls, wooden table, and pendant lights.
A modern dining area with a wooden table, hanging lamps, and an abstract portrait on the wall.
Minimalist bedroom design with gray built-in cabinetry, large windows, and wood flooring.
Cozy bedroom with gray built-in cabinetry, sleek desk, and plush bedding.

Description by T.M Design Studio

Modern Comfort in Taichung City

Stepping into the ‘Apartment’ in Taichung City, designed by T.M Design Studio, the modern comforts of American design immediately greet you. Completed with a desire to maintain a familiar ambiance reminiscent of their time in the States, this family’s home blends casual simplicity with modern flair. As you wander through the space, the air feels casual yet sophisticated, a testament to the designer’s vision and the family’s wishes.

A Living Space for Gatherings

The living room, where soft light filters through elegant blinds, is a study in understated luxury. A tufted sofa anchors the room, inviting conversation and relaxation. The decor’s muted tones of white and gray are lifted by bursts of pastel green, creating a warm, inviting environment. This space is designed not just for the family but with a clear focus on welcoming guests, reflecting the family’s love for hosting.

Intimate Corners and Modern Functionality

Transition to the bedroom, where calm meets function. A wood herringbone parquet floor lends a classic touch, while the contemporary furniture, accented with gold hardware, adds a modern twist. Each piece in the bedroom, from the cozy bedding to the sleek desk, speaks to the designer’s careful choice, aiming for both style and comfort.

Finally, the heart of the home: the dining area. Here, a spacious island and an eight-seat table stand ready for hosting. The use of white marble and light wood veneer underlines the room’s airy feel, while the steel pieces with titanium coating ensure durability and style. It’s a space crafted for memory-making, with materials that speak to both the eye and touch, showcasing an exquisite cooperation between form and function.

Through the lens of T.M Design Studio, the Apartment in Taichung City becomes a modern homage to American design, lovingly adapted to Taiwanese life. Each room, from the welcoming living area to the functional yet cozy bedrooms, down to the convivial dining space, reflects a confluence of materials and aesthetics that resonate with both comfort and modern elegance. Here, the family finds a home where every detail contributes to a sense of belonging, no matter where they are in the world.

Photography by MD Pursuit

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- by Matt Watts