Contemporary House by Carrera by Design

Designed in 2016 by Carrera by Design, this contemporary house is located in Sydney, Australia.

Sleek, modern interior with bold artwork, dark sofas, and a distinctive wooden staircase.
Modern open-concept living room with sleek monochromatic palette, large elephant artwork, and glass coffee table.
Cozy modern living room with wooden flooring, textured wall, and minimalist decor.
Modern open-plan kitchen with sleek black cabinetry, island bar, and dining area with wooden elements.
Modern open-plan kitchen and dining area with sleek cabinetry, island, and a striking wooden staircase.
Sleek, modern bedroom with black cabinetry, plush textiles, and a suspended fan overhead.
Sleek, modern bathroom with black tiles, wooden vanity, and oval mirror with LED lighting.
Minimalist bathroom with concrete walls, freestanding soaking tub, and wood vanity.
Minimalist bathroom with gray concrete walls, glass shower enclosure, and wooden vanity.

About Contemporary House

In the heart of Sydney, the Contemporary House stands as a testament to Carrera by Design’s vision. Crafted in 2016, this modern residence epitomizes the essence of contemporary design.

A Modern Welcome

The journey inside begins in a living space where clean lines meet comfort. A plush sofa anchors the room, offering a view of an art piece that boldly captures attention. The open-plan layout leads the eye through to the kitchen, where the gleam of modern appliances beckons.

Culinary Sophistication

In the kitchen, functionality and style fuse seamlessly. The dark cabinetry contrasts with the light countertops, creating a visual feast for any culinary enthusiast. The adjoining dining area, with its robust table and sleek seating, invites both intimate dinners and grand gatherings.

Intimate Retreats

The private quarters of the house reveal a bedroom where comfort reigns supreme. The soft carpeting and gentle lighting craft a cocoon-like atmosphere, ideal for rest and rejuvenation. The bathroom follows suit with its clean aesthetics, featuring a standalone tub and minimalist fixtures that offer both style and function.

The Contemporary House by Carrera by Design, located in Sydney’s vibrant heart, redefines the Australian dream with its chic, streamlined interiors. A perfect blend of form and function, this house truly feels like a home.

Photography courtesy of Carrera by Design

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- by Matt Watts