Residence in Jackson by Design Associates Architects

Residence in Jackson is a beautiful mountain home located in Jackson, Wyoming, designed in 2017 by Design Associates Architects.

Expansive modern living space with floor-to-ceiling windows, central fireplace, and stylish furniture.
Modern architectural interior with high ceilings, wooden beams, and striking orange and blue furnishings.
Modern kitchen with sleek stainless steel appliances, wooden accents, and minimalist design.
Spacious contemporary kitchen with wooden cabinetry, modern appliances, and a striking artwork.
Spacious open-plan kitchen and living room with vaulted ceiling, wood beams, and modern decor.
Spacious, modern living area with fireplace, glass walls, and contemporary furniture.
Modern, minimalist living room with sleek concrete fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning mountain views.
Expansive bedroom with sleek fireplace, panoramic mountain views, and modern decor.
A cozy bedroom with a large window overlooking a scenic outdoor landscape.
Minimalist bathroom with large window overlooking snowy mountains and pine forests.
Rustic cabin with modern glass facade, expansive outdoor patio, and lush greenery.

About Residence in Jackson

Welcome to Residence in Jackson, a mountain house that defines modern living in Jackson, Wyoming. Designed in 2017 by Design Associates Architects, this property boasts a harmony of glass, wood, and concrete.

Exterior Serenity

The house greets visitors with a façade that blends reclaimed wood and sleek glass, framed by the majestic Teton Range. Solar panels crown the roof, whispering of sustainability amidst rugged beauty.

Transitioning indoors, the open-plan living area reveals floor-to-ceiling windows, bringing the outdoors in. Polished concrete floors meet the warmth of a central fireplace, while iconic furniture adds a splash of color.

Heart of the Home

The kitchen and dining space maintain a modern aesthetic, with stainless steel appliances and pops of red. An overhead loft peeks down, offering an aerial view of the shared family moments below.

Adjacent, the bedroom marries comfort with nature. A window seat invites reflection, overlooking the serene landscape, while minimalist décor keeps the focus on the view.

Personal Retreats

A step further inside, the master bedroom expands the vision of tranquility. A hanging fireplace and soft, inviting chairs sit opposite a wall-sized window, setting the stage for restful nights and inspired mornings.

Lastly, the bathroom’s clean lines and uncluttered space, punctuated by a standalone tub, offer a private panorama of the Wyoming wilds, completing the narrative of this architectural feat.

Residence in Jackson stands as a harmonious blend of design and landscape, inviting a peaceful coexistence with its awe-inspiring surroundings.

Photography by Aaron Kraft

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- by Matt Watts