Cereal Abode by Pilbrow and Partners

Cereal Abode is a modern Asian style home located in Greenwich Park, Australia, designed by Pilbrow and Partners.

Minimalist interior with concrete walls, wooden furniture, and abstract artwork.
Spacious room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a cityscape. Minimalist decor accentuates the architecture.
Minimalist dining area with panoramic urban views, sleek furnishings, and tasteful decor.
A minimalist living room with a large window, a wooden chair, and a beige sofa against a concrete wall.
A minimalist home office with a wooden desk and chair, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows offering a city view.
Minimalist bedroom with solid wood headboard, IKEA-style metal lamps, and a gray color scheme.

About Cereal Abode

Welcome to “Cereal Abode,” a distinctive home crafted by Pilbrow and Partners, located in the lush expanse near Greenwich Park, Australia. Completed recently, this dwelling combines an Asian design aesthetic with modern living.

A Modern Touch to Asian Aesthetics

The entrance sets a striking tone with a broad view of the harbor, framed by slender wooden screens that offer both privacy and a sense of openness. Inside, the living room welcomes with its subdued palette and minimalistic decor, anchored by a bold, sculptural piece of art that commands attention without overwhelming the space. A sleek, vertical light fixture accentuates the room’s height, creating a dynamic balance between the furnishings and the airy volume of the space.

Transitioning to the bedroom, the mood shifts to one of restful simplicity. The clean lines of the wooden bed and side tables echo the Asian influence, while wall-mounted lamps provide a focused illumination that’s both practical and atmospheric. The deep blue walls add depth and a subtle nod to the maritime setting visible through the window.

Functional Elegance

Cereal Abode’s study exemplifies functionality without sacrificing style. A streamlined desk faces the window, offering inspirational views during work sessions. The room divider, a consistent element throughout the home, provides seclusion and texture. Here, practicality and elegance coexist, proving that a workspace need not be an afterthought in design.

Further into the heart of Cereal Abode, a singular chair sits against a canvas of gray, adjacent to an abstract piece that reflects the home’s overarching artistic theme. This space serves as a visual pause, a minimalist setup that emphasizes form and material over ornamentation.

Harmonious Living Spaces

The dining area harmoniously blends the interior with the sweeping exterior views. A simple, yet stylish setting allows the eyes to roam freely from the indoor olive tree to the river beyond. Here, the design subtly shifts to prioritize the panoramic vista, with furniture and accessories playing a supporting role to the natural backdrop.

Finally, the overarching view of the abode reveals a symphony of wood, glass, and concrete, where each room flows into the next with quiet confidence. The large floor-to-ceiling windows invite the outside in, while the carefully chosen pieces of art and furniture echo the home’s architectural language: understated, yet powerful.

Cereal Abode, by Pilbrow and Partners, stands as a home where Asian-inspired design meets contemporary needs, achieving a balance that speaks to both heart and mind.

Photography by Rich Stapleton

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- by Matt Watts